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The official story is, no, unfortunately one of the limitations of doing it all client side is that the div's containing the content for each tab are hidden, thus the search engines won't index those (Google won't at least). The only way around this right now, is to have a public page such as a site map that contains links to each one of the tabs you want indexed. I have faq explaining how to set up links directly to tabs here

Now, that's the official story. I have found in reality Google does indeed search inside the hidden divs and indexes the data, however clicking the link from Google won't take you to the open tab containing the information. For instance, I just searched for the text "limited on page space and wanted to present information" which is located on my Module Rotator page, and it's in the Testimonial tab. When I do this search on Google ( it comes back with a result and when I click the tab, it will go to the Module Rotator page, but the first tab is shown, not the Testimonials tab. If you were to use links like I described in the above paragraph then the link that Google would store would be the link that opens the tab up on the correct page.

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