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Custom DNN Module Development Services

DNNStuff has been specializing in DNN (DotNetNuke) module development since 2004 and the days of DNN2. Not just single use modules for customers but commercial modules that have to support thousands of installs, in varied environments and multiple versions of DNN at the same time. Over the years I have developed a proven approach to developing, maintaining and supporting DNN modules that ensures your project is delivered on time and on budget but exceeds your expectations.

Does one of these situations apply to you?

Brand new custom module

You have specific requirements that no preexisting module can meet and need a custom module

Fixing/Modifying an existing module

You have an existing module that needs tweaking to your meet your requirements. The existing module could be a stock DNN module or a 3rd party module

Orphaned module

You have purchased a 3rd party module or had one custom developed in house or by another developer and they are unresponsive to your needs or out of business altogether

Full applications

You need multiple custom modules that work together in unison as an application

Team enhancement

You need a DNN developer for a specific period of time or a number of hours per month to enhance your team

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