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All modules are now open sourced, please see the announcement here


Dotnetnuke Modules

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Favorite Pages

Do you have lots of pages on your site? Is it easy to navigate to common pages? The Favorite Pages module lets your users keep a list of their favorite pages so they can quickly navigate to the areas that interest them the most.

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SQLView Pro

Unlock the data hidden inside other modules and applications and display it the way you've always wanted. With the SQLView Pro module you can access data anywhere and display it in any format you want. Imagine the possibilities!

Support for any OLEDB database connection, multiple report types including grid, chart, xsl and template

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Aggregator - Tabbed Modules

Do you want to reduce module clutter on your pages? With the Aggregator module you can combine modules together into a tabbed interface, free up space and provide an attractive look.

Support for multiple modules per tab with more than 30+ skins included, or design your own custom tab skins using the integrated template engine.

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Inject Anything

Almost every site needs to inject third party code for analytics, social bookmarking, videos etc. Inject Anything helps you inject, organize and keep all that code in a single place.

Support for standard DNN tokens, custom tokens per script and injection locations such as head, after body, before body close etc.

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Module Rotator

Save screen real estate and present content by rotating it in a single module.

Supports timed rotation via client side javascript or rotation on page refresh.

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Do you want to provide a personalized message to a new visitor? Use the Welcome module to personalize a message to new visitors of your site, point out important site features or provide handy tips throughout your site.

Support for automatically hiding the module based on a number of views, temporarily hiding for the session or permanent hiding by the visitor.

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