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I just want to say this is without doubt, one of the coolest modules I have ever purchased. In fact, I have ditched all the containers and using only the aggregator module. I love it. It's fast, no page refresh and such a great way to put lots of information on a site. It even respects security roles, so only those logged in get to see the extra tabs. I created some cool css for my new site which is soon to be launched as of 8th Feb, 2005 and I am so impressed, because it also looks very good in Mozilla. A great job Richard.. one of those must have modules!!Nina Meiers
Sample Skins
Exploding Boy - TabMenuE
Exploding Boy 2 - TabMenu2
Tabbed Modules

Aggregator - Tabbed Modules

Aggregator (Tabbed Modules) is a flexible module that acts as a tabbed container or localization container for 1 or more modules.

How could I use this?

  • Reduces clutter by combining modules together into an attractive tabbed interface
  • Makes your pages seem quicker and more responsive with client side operation
  • Matches the look and feel of your website with a powerful skinning engine



  • Wrap modules
  • Powerful skinning and flexible template system allow you to present tabs with semantic markup resulting in a smaller html payload
  • Present nested tabs by including one aggregator within another
  • Wide selection of skins included out of the box - 34 standard and 25 jQuery




  • Active Hover option results in tab selection without a tab click
  • Paging allows for easier navigation through tabs
  • Target an aggregator from an existing one to control other page elements via tab clicks
  • The current tab is optionally remembered when a user returns to the page within a single session
  • Any tab can be set as the default tab
  • Tab contents are rendered on the initial page view and all tab operations are client side. This means there are no post backs to the server on a tab change.
  • Token replacement within tab titles and html/text content


  • Edit skins/templates directly through the module interface
  • Copy Aggregator and all it's contained modules to another page
  • Manage jQuery script support to reduce jQuery collisions with the core and other modules


  • Modules and tabs adhere to the security rights of the individual modules contained in the tabs. If a tab includes a module that a user doesn't have view access to, the tab will also not be shown.

DNN Framework Support

  • IPortable compatible so you can Import/Export content or including in page templates
  • Native html text is indexed via the DNN search infrastructure
  • Supports modules that use AJAX Partial Rendering


  • DNN8 - DNN 8.0.0 and higher
  • DNN7 - DNN 7.0.0 and higher
  • DNN6 - DNN 6.0.3 and higher
  • DNN5 - DNN 5.2.3 and higher
  • DNN4 - DNN 4.6.2 and higher
Options availble on the menu
Aggregator Menu
Maintain tab list and contained modules
Options to change tab styles
Skins specific to the selected skin
Custom Skin Settings
Manage targets to other Aggregators
RSS options to drive tab creation
Quickly add many tabs at once
Copy Aggregator to another page
Copy Aggregator
Copy skin to another name
Copy Skin
Edit skin files for quick changes
Edit Skin
Change jQuery options
Change jQuery UI options
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