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Demo Notes - Module Wrapping
Module wrapping is the ability to present the modules included inside the tab anywhere you want within the tab instead of merely having them listed one after the other in the tab page. This feature is very handy when you are using a skin that doesn't quite include all of the panes you need to present your modules the way you want.

In short, module wrapping allows you greater freedom placing modules on your page or within your tabs. Even if you don't need to use the tab features and just want module wrapping, you can simply add your modules to the first tab and then select the option to hide tabs. This will effectively turn the Aggregator into a dynamic pane module.

In the example below I've added a couple of modules into tab 1, a list of recent articles and a contact module. To demonstrate how you can wrap the modules I've put the modules within a table structure. I admit the result is rather scary but it does show you how the concept works. Please visit the wiki page for module wrapping for the technical details of module wrapping.

The html for tab 1 below is formatted as follows. Notice the references to [MOD1060] and [MOD1268].

<table border="1" style="width: 100%;">
Wrapped Modules
  • Tab 1
  • Tab 2
  • Tab 3
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