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Demo Notes

This demo shows how easy it is to consume an RSS feed and use it to generate your tabs dynamically. In this case I've set the RSS Url property to a feed from Google News that searches for the word 'Porsche' and I'm limiting it to the first 5 items.

Click on the following link to see the full feed as Google sees it.

The default for tab caption is the RSS item title. In a lot of cases this title is too long for use as a tab caption so we added some modifiers for the tokens to limit the amount of text displayed. In this example I'm using the full caption because I'm using a jQuery Accordion for display and I have the room. In other skins where you might not have room for the full title displayed you could use the token [RSSTITLE length="30"] to show only the first 30 characters of the item title.

The format of the content for each tab is configurable using tokens such as [RSSTITLE], [RSSDESCRIPTION] etc. so you can customize it to show exactly how you wish. This example is using the default layout which shows most of the relevant information. You can find more information on setting up your custom RSS templates on the wiki.


Aggregator - RSS Demo
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