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Targeted Aggregator
Two Way
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Demo Notes - Targeting Other Aggregators

In this example we'll demo an exciting new feature addition added in version 5.0 named targeting. Targeting involves at least two Aggregator modules on the same page. In this demo we have a 'Controlling Aggregator' and a 'Targeted Aggregator'. If you click on a tab of the 'Controlling Aggregator', the corresponding tab of the 'Targeted Aggregator' is also shown.

The 'Targeted Aggregator' isn't showing any tabs in this demo because I've turned on an option to hide all of it's tabs so only the targeted content shows.

Some extra features of targeting include:

  • targeting doesn't have to just be in a single direction .. you can have two Aggregators targetting each other so that a tab change in either one triggers a tab change in the other (click on Tab A, Tab B or Tab C on the right to see this)
  • targeting doesn't have to be just between two Aggregators ... you can include more than two Aggregators and link up targeting between them in any fashion you choose
Controlling Aggregator
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