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Maybe the best product - and definitely the best support of any module I've used. I have it all over my site. Thanks RichardSteve Merle
Excellent and stable module that serves its purpose beautifully. Easy to use and easy to setup. Works for so many purposes.Ariana Bauer
The author offers phenomenal support!Tim Cadieux
This is a must have module for anyone who has multiple mods on a tab taking up too much space. I have used it to group a number of SQL Grid mods on a single tab so user can switch between different views without any delay. Before the user would have to scroll down to see each SQL Grid and other module content. A great mod to have! Thanks.Duncan Watson
Wow! I can't believe how we ever lived without this module on our intranet. It's rock solid and as simple to use as it gets. Support is excellent. The one question I did have was answered within the hour.Craig Miller
I just want to say this is without doubt, one of the coolest modules I have ever purchased. In fact, I have ditched all the containers and using only the aggregator module. I love it. It's fast, no page refresh and such a great way to put lots of information on a site. It even respects security roles, so only those logged in get to see the extra tabs. I created some cool css for my new site which is soon to be launched as of 8th Feb, 2005 and I am so impressed, because it also looks very good in Mozilla. A great job Richard.. one of those must have modules!!Nina Meiers
One of a small list of modules that should be part of every DotNetNuke portal!Brian Reisman
I still consider your module to be one of the best out there and probably the one that best fits the category of a "disruptive innovation" within the dnn framework as it relates to the art of content organization in web design.Paul Sellers
Best DNN support ever!Mitch Webster
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