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Favorite Pages

Favorite Pages

The Favorite Pages module is a DotNetNuke module that allows registered users to maintain a list of their favorite pages.

How could I use this?

  • Adds a secondary navigation element customized by your users
  • Keep track of which pages your users want easy access to


  • Add a favorites toggle module to each page or add the included skin object to your skin
  • Add a favorites list to a single page of your site, or add it to every page so users have easy access to their favorites

DNN Framework Support

  • IPortable compatible so you can Import/Export content or including in page templates


  • DNN8 - DNN 8.0.0 and higher
  • DNN7 - DNN 7.0.0 and higher
  • DNN6 - DNN 6.0.3 and higher
  • DNN5 - DNN 5.2.3 and higher
  • DNN4 - DNN 4.6.2 and higher
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