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Inject Anything Module

Inject Anything

Inject Anything is a general use module that allows you to effortlessly include scripts such as javascript/vbscript, css, html, or text within any page of your DotNetNuke portal

How could I use this?

  • Organizes your scripts in a central repository
  • Standardize your scripts across your site


  • Standard scripts included for injecting Google Analytics, Social Bookmarking, YouTube videos out of the box
  • Use free form html, text, css, javascript etc. by entering it in the module settings
  • Inject directly from files residing on your file system

Token Support

Injection Points

  • Module - content injected where the module is
  • Head - content injected within the head tags
  • After Opening Form - content injected right after the form tag
  • Before Closing Form - content injected right before the closing form tag
  • After Opening Body - content injected right after the opening body tag
  • Before Closing Body - content injected right before the closing body tag

What else can I use this for?

  • inserting custom javascript for statistics trackers such Google Analytics
  • inserting custom javascript for Google Adsense
  • inserting html code to produce social bookmarking links for popular sites such as, Digg, Technorati, Blicklist, Furl and reddit
  • inserting html customized for the logged in user using replaceable tokens such as FirstName, LastName etc.
  • inserting embedded YouTube videos
  • inserting flash videos
  • inserting games
  • inserting financial calculators
  • insert additional css on your page to override some settings
  • its so versatile the list is endless .. take advantage of the thousands of public domain scripts at sites such as and

DNN Framework Support

  • No core changes required
  • IPortable support - Import and Export capability
  • No activation codes needed


  • DNN8 - DNN 8.0.0 and higher
  • DNN7 - DNN 7.0.0 and higher
  • DNN6 - DNN 6.0.3 and higher
  • DNN5 - DNN 5.2.3 and higher
  • DNN4 - DNN 4.6.2 and higher
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