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Module Rotator is one of those must have modules. I have found many uses for this module including:rotating different types of advertisements, such as: Google Adwords, banner ads, and link ads, rotating testimonials using text and mp3 audio, rotating images etc etc. I have particularly found this module useful when I’ve been limited on page space and wanted to present information from various modules to the users of my websites. Simply add the modules to the rotator and your space issues have been resolved. The great thing about this module is that it helps you keep the content of your website looking fresh and interesting to your website visitors. I can highly recommend that you purchase this module.Lee Sykes (
Module Rotator

Module Rotator

Module Rotator is a versatile module that allows you to rotate the content of multiple modules in the space of a single module.

How could this help me?

  • Saves valuable screen real estate by rotating any number of DotNetNuke modules within a single module
  • Keep your pages fresh and engaging for your visitors

Timed Rotation

  • Client side with javascript - visitors see the frames change without refreshing the page
  • Duration of each frame is configurable
  • Pause on hover option allows the visitor to pause the rotation

Non Timed Rotation

  • Server side - visitors see another frame after they refresh the page
  • Quicker initial loading because only the shown frame is rendered


  • Frame only shows if the visitor has view rights to the module contained within


  • DNN8 - DNN 8.0.0 and higher
  • DNN7 - DNN 7.0.0 and higher
  • DNN6 - DNN 6.0.3 and higher
  • DNN5 - DNN 5.2.3 and higher
  • DNN4 - DNN 4.6.2 and higher
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