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Demo Notes - Google Chart
The sample report below shows the result of what an advanced template can create, in this case a Google Chart report. In case you are inquisitive, here is the Google Chart API. The purpose of this demo isn't merely to show the Google Chart API in practice, but to demonstrate the powerful results that can be obtained using a template report driven by dynamic data. You could just as easily show a flash object and pass in dynamic query parameters or generate some javascript that calls a web service with dynamic parameters and displays the data.

This sample is included in the report repository with the both the licensed version and the trial version.

In this example, the template includes two occurrences of the [EACHROW] token. The first is to generate the list of data values for the chart amounts [Amount], and the second is to generate the list of labels that correspond to those values, [Name] ($[Thousands]).

<img src="
;chd=t:[EACHROW][Amount],[/EACHROW]0&amp;cht=p3&amp;chl=[EACHROW][Name] ($[Thousands])|[/EACHROW]&amp
alt="2010 Budget Allocation By Department" />

Google Chart
2010 Budget Allocation By Department
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