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Demo Notes - Template Report
The following example shows a very simple template report. On the surface, a template report seems like a very simple concept but as you'll see in this demo and others to follow (namely the Google Chart demo) that it can be a powerful tool in your arsenal to provide dynamic site features.

I've kept this demo very simple on purpose, to show you how easy it is to set up a simple template. The data query passed to this template is just a simple list of departments:


The template will present the list of departments in a simple ordered list of links to a Google search for the particular department. Here is the template code:

<li><a href="[Name]">[Name]</a></li>

For each row of the query results, the text within the [EACHROW] tags is rendered resulting is an ordered list of 10 items, one for each department. The [Name] tag corresponds with the field Name is the query.
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