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Pageviews remaining until hidden = 14

Demo Notes - Hide based on Page Views (Session Only)

The demo to the left shows how the module hides itself based on page views. Every time this page is refreshed, the number of page views increases and the number of page views before it's hidden decreases. When the value gets down to 0, the next page view will hide the module completely.

In the configuration screen, I've set the initial number of page views to 15 and I've checked the 'Reset View Count after session ends' property and set it to true.

If you keep hitting F5 to refresh this page, the count of page views remaining will decrease to 0 and eventually the module will hide itself.

In the previous demo based on page views, if you closed your browser and came back the module would still be hidden but because I checked the 'Reset View Count after session ends' property the module content should reappear and start the view count all over again.

This feature was added based on user feedback and a possible use for this includes showing a thank you temporarily after logon that automatically disappears based on a couple of views, but will show up again the next time the user initiates a new session.

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