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Demo Notes - Keep Hidden Link

The demo to the left shows how to include a keep hidden link along with content, so the user can opt to never show it again. When the link is clicked the module will hide itself from that user for good (or until you change the content version)

To set this up, you merely select the 'Link' option for Keep Hidden. Optionally you can change the text displayed for the keep hidden link as well as change the position of the link within the content by specifying the token 'KeepHiddenLink' within it.

To test this, click the 'Don't show again' link and the content should hide itself. Then, create a favourite to this page or copy the url and close your browser down. Come back to this page and you should not see the module reappear even though you are now using a new session.

Page Views before auto hide


Hide Button Text

<img src="/images/dn.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle"><br />[KeepHiddenLink]

Hide Button


Keep Hidden Button Text

Don't Show Again

Keep Hidden Button

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