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Demo Notes - Showing an Unhide button
This demo shows you how to display an unhide button so show the content that was previously hidden. The setup for this demo is a follow on of the last demo (Showing alternate text instead of hiding)

Usually, when a module is hidden, either through the expiring number of views or user action, the module is hidden. In this demo though, we've taken advantage of the alternate text instead of hiding property and instead of just including a thank you message, I've also added one of the standard tokens, [UNHIDE], which provides a link that will unhide the hidden content from before.

To test this demo, click on the hide link in the Welcome module to the left. Instead of hiding, which would normally be the default action, a thank you message is displayed instead as well as a link that reads 'Show Starry Night Again'. The text that is displayed for all generated links in Welcome is customizable.

A possible use of this might be to show some detailed information and then when the user clicks on the hide button, show a synopsis or summary instead and allow the user to jump back to the detailed info if need be.
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